We will try to make your installation as easy as possible however there are a few questions you may have regarding the installation. Below you will find answers to a few of the questions we are often asked.

Can I easily install Kerry Broadband broadband myself?

No, the equipment is not customer installable. It has to be installed by one of our qualified technicians to ensure proper performance and signal strength.

If I move house during the period of the contract, can I take my Kerry Broadband Broadband contract with me?

If you move house during the period of your contract, then unfortunately this contract will be terminated. Each contract is specific to a particular installation, account number and address, you will have to begin a new 12-month contract at your new address.

Can I use the service with more than one computer?

Yes, but this will require you to use an Ethernet switch, hub or router. Contact us for details.

Can I use my wireless connection at more than one location?

No. Our wireless is fixed wireless and will only work at the location of initial install. Contact us for details of wireless routers.

What is the contention ratio of my package?

A network like ours is a shared resource, so you will find that you are sharing a line with other users to access the internet. We have allowed for this, and our ‘contention ratio’ will vary from 10:1 to 30-1 depending on the package you choose. As a result of contention, your speeds will vary.